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Annemarie Swanepoel Attorneys’ focus is on conveyancing law and notarial practice and as such, we render services in respect of all property related matters, including the following:

  • Notarial deeds of servitude
  • Opening of township schemes developments
  • Developments


Notarial practice refers to work reserved for notaries, in other words admitted attorneys who have acquired specialised expertise in the preparation and attestation of specialized legal documents. Documents that can only be attested by a notary include for example antenuptial contracts, notarial deeds of servitude and notarial bonds.

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As panel attorneys for both ABSA and Nedbank, we are in the top ranking of performance, having scored more than 96% on the scorecard of both banks on a continuous basis.

Our transfer department attends to the transfer of properties situated in Nelspruit and the surrounding areas, and in this respect our clientele comprises of property owners as well as estate agents.

Our bond department attends to the registration of mortgage bonds as well as notarial bonds, and we currently serve on the panels of both ABSA and Nedbank. We are also on the Business Bank panel for Nedbank, enabling us to attend to the registration of bonds and other securities in respect of the larger business clients of Nedbank.

In the development sphere we are currently involved in three property projects entailing us working closely with the relevant developers and associated role players. The first one is a development known as Olive Grove which consists of 51 Sectional Title Units, and we are tasked with the opening of the Sectional Title Schemes as well as the registrations of the Transfers and Mortgage Bonds. The second one is a development known as Matumi Valley being developed by Craft Homes, and the project consists of approximately 279 units. Finally we are also the project attorneys for a development known as Elawini consisting of approximately 50 units. This property is being developed by Arcden Property Investments (Pty) Ltd, a long-standing client and business partner.

Annemarie Swanepoel Attorneys can also boast of an efficient and extremely knowledgeable correspondent division, devoted to serving instructing correspondents across the country. We currently act on behalf of firms such as Jan L. Jordaan, van Heerden Schoeman, van der Walt & van der Walt, Boela van der Merwe and Botha Nel, and attend to the lodgement and registration of deeds at the Mpumalanga Deeds Office on these firms’ behalf.


The Electronic Communications and Transactions ACT, 25 of 2022 (“THE ACT”) makes provision for the signature of certain documents by the use of electronic signatures. The Act further provides certain instances where the use of an electronic signature is prohibited.
Section 4(4) of the Act does not allow electronic signatures for the use in the execution of an Agreement for the sale of immovable property.
Thus, a Deed of Alienation for the sale of immovable property still has to be physically signed in “wet ink” for it to be valid. This also extends to any addendums and annexures made in respect of the Agreement.

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